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Yes, it is possible to order Amplock locks keyed alike, please contact us for this special order.

Yes, it is possible to order additionnal keys, please visit our website in section « keys ordering » with your control card or tag on hand.

At first, we recommend to lubricate your lock mechanism and around the cylinder with a lubricant without silicone base, we use PL-100 by Prolab. A monthly lubrication with this type of lubricant is highly recommended. Note that WD-40 is not recommended because it became sticky and it will jam the lock mechanism that make it difficult to unlock your Amplock.

Also, because of the season and temperature changes, we recommend to presoak your Amplock in anti-freeze like «Prestone» during one complete night twice a year if you have snow and cold temperature in your area : at beginning of autumn and if possible in January. Make sure you unlock your Amplock and let all the components open. After this treatment, lubricate your lock mechanism and around the cylinder with PL-100 or any lubricant without silicone base.

At first, you have to check how the key is turning in the cylinder lock. To unlock your Amplock, the key has to turn ¾ tour. Here are different situations and what to do for each :

  1. The key is turning ¼ tour in the cylinder lock : verify your key, is that waste or damaged? Is it the right key for this Amplock lock? Try a new key if possible or order a new one on our website (
  2. The key is turning between ¼ tour and ¾ tour in the cylinder lock : lubricate your lock with a lubricant without silicone base (we are using PL-100 by Prolab company) and pass compressed air in the cylinder lock to remove all grime. After few cleaning operations, your key should turn more and more to reach ¾ tour that is the right position.
  3. The key is turning more than ¾ tour or 360° (1 complete tour): contact Amplock or a locksmith because your cylinder lock has been damaged and the internal mechanism has been broken.
  4. The key is turning ¾ tour but the lock doesn’t open : your cylinder lock is unlocked so something stop the cylinder to go down. We recommend to clean around the cylinder with a lubricant without silicone base as the PL-100 by Prolab and to pass compressed air to remove grime. After these operations, try to open the lock again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact Amplock.