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We are AMPLock,
the most reliable lock.


Why bet on quality?

At AMP Lock, we manufacture ductile iron resistant locks. 

We work hard every day to bring you a premium product, that will stand up to anything and we pride ourselves on giving you freedom of mind.
AMP Lock was originally founded by Alex, who thought his FifthWheel which was protected… by a cheap lock. Turns out they stole it even before he realized it.

The burglars simply had to break the lock and leave with his property. After more than two years of research, the solid padlocks signed AMPLock were born. So you don’t have to worry about burglars anymore! Have peace of mind and invest today.

More and more...

Today, more than 240,000 trailers are protected by customers who trust the quality and durability of AMP Lock. The strength of our locks makes our customers happy that we are protecting their property.

240 000+
20 years


We do much more than strong and secure locks

We offer a wide variety of products to protect your goods and investment.

Each lock has been created to fit the perfect size and shape of any trailer coupler/trailer door hinge/hitch. We want to protect your equipment with the best quality and the perfect theft proof lock. Use our interactive tool to find the right lock for your needs.

The most reliable

Our locks are the most durable and reliable lock on the market. They are made of ductile cast iron and stainless steel which makes it the strongest one that exists.

Advanced mechanism

We developed an advanced and complex internal ​mechanism to match perfectly with the strength of our locks and repel the best thieves.

Easy to install

Do not worry, our locks are very easy to install and remove… when you have the right key, of course!


Our products are so resistant, the thieves will give up before the lock.

Rust resistance

It’s not enough? We thought it all! Our locks are resistant to rust and corrosion to protect you for many years.

Five years warranty

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer you a five years warranty on all of our products!