Why Amplock choose ductile iron between other materials?

February 21, 2018

Amplock choose ductile iron to manufacture their locks after a long process of tests and studies. Compare to other materials that will break after an  impact (a shock), ductile iron will resist because of a superior ability to absorb vibrations (shocks). When an impact happen with the ductile iron, a bump is created in opposition to other materials that will broke quite simply (ductility is synonym of material’s elasticity). In addition, ductile iron has a better corrosion resistance, for example, if there is oxidation, surface will be affected only. Ductile iron resist also to torch cut and liquid nitrogen compare to other materials that will not resist. This material is the best to favor solidity and durability of Amplock locks.  All these advantages make ductile iron exceed all the other materials like aluminium that is easily breakable and that melt very quickly or the shackle hardened that is highly brittle because of hardness (more hardness = more brittle).

Because of all these advantages provided by ductile iron, Amplock choose it to produce their trailer locks. Now, your Amplock is highly resistant to impact, heavy duty and durable.