Why Amplock locks are recommended by canadian insurers?

March 12, 2018

The Amplock lock protect trailer couplers, boat trailers and RV when unhitched. Materials use and patented mechanism highly increase our lock destruction time compare to competition. Many destruction tests were made with different types of lock made of different materials. The results are eloquent and showed that the Amplock lock destruction time is highly superior than competition, that’s why canadian insurers recommend and require in certain situations our lock. The Amplock’s reliability and durability provide you peace of mind when you let your trailer without supervision.

A tracking system provide you the opportunity to find your trailer, boat or RV after theft, but you never know in which condition it will be and in which condition your personnal effects and goods will be found. Your Amplock is slowing down thieves  at maximum it can and increase significantly the probability that your trailer stay in place. As we use a mechanical principle patented and high quality materials, a simple mass shot is not enough to break your Amplock protection. Check with your insurer if a rebate is applicable if you have the Amplock protection and don’t hesitate to visit our website or our Facebook page to get more informations about our products or to contact us.