AMP Lock

The idea to design and develop locks came to me after an incident in which I was the victim.

In August of 2001, my Fifth-Wheel was stolen from behind my company’s premises. The thieves had easily drilled the lock, and in no time at all, my investment was gone. I was reimbursed later by my insurance company, but not in full. Both my insurer and I lost.

After this incident, I decided to find an anti-theft device that would truly provide me with protection, not a lock that could be destroyed in just a few minutes, but something top-of-the-line. My search proved fruitless. So I set out to develop an anti-theft lock that could withstand any assault. I didn’t want to be victimized a second time.

Since I have vast experience in machining and a good knowledge of metals, I approached the task comparing what was available, and destroying several devices. I also struck up a relationship with ABLOY, a world-renown manufacturer of top-quality locks. I developed my prototype around the lock model that best suited my needs.

Two years later, I am proud to have developed a range of products that fulfill a genuine need, since no device on the market compares to them. The purpose of our devices is to maximize the time it takes to destroy the lock and thereby discourage thieves, since time is their greatest enemy.

Our products are patented and we are currently in the marketing phase. Furthermore, recent additional undertakings with independent firms serve to demonstrate the robustness and reliability of our products.

My team and I are proud to have designed products that are the best of their kind. I am convinced they will deter thieves and offer insurance companies genuine savings.

André Paré
Designer and Manufacturer